Exploring the significance of the digital economy in the Australia-Indonesia partnership

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How Indonesia plans to fill post-pandemic creative and tourism skill gaps

The Republic of Indonesia hopes to rebound from the pandemic by bolstering its creative and tourism economies. To do this, it requires instilling young Indonesians with new digital and green skills with the intent to draw in tourists.

Indonesian video game development: The fight for the chance to fail

As Indonesians took advantage of faster, cheaper and more powerful mobile phones and networks, they also started dipping their toes into mobile Read more

The impact of Indonesia’s new racing circuit on the Lombok economy

The Indonesian MotoGP has becomethe most popular sporting event held in Indonesia since the pandemic halted all normal activities. 

Bukalapak and taking Indonesia-Australia business connections to ‘the next level’

A webinar run by the Australia-Indonesia Centre has heard how e-commerce giant Bukalapak invested in Australia to access skills and talent.